This blog’s about my experience being a first-time dad. There’s nothing objectively groundbreaking about the subject, I know, but really it’s an outlet for me to share my thoughts and experiences about what it’s like having a baby from a male point of view.

While billions of other men have done This Dad Thing before me, when you’re having your first kid, it really does seem like you’re the first person in history to go through this stuff. There’s a little bump in my wife’s belly and when I put my hands there it gives me a little nudge sometimes and I get a little twinge of anticipation. It’s such a strange sensation that most of the time, I don’t think I fully comprehend what is happening. Sometimes I forget we’re having a baby and it’s just this thing that’s happening to my wife and I’m a bystander, and other times I can barely contain my excitement and wish he’d just get here already.

The thing about babies is that it’s something men don’t really talk about. They talk about kids, of course, but not babies. That’s a woman’s domain, apparently. So that’s why I’ve started this blog – it’s not a blog for dads – it’s for anyone interested in sharing in one dad’s journey.

I live in Pukekohe, south Auckland, with my wife, Liv, and our dog, Rocko. I teach social studies at the local High School and Liv works in the city. We both used to be journalists, and that’s how we met. It was February 23, 2011, the day after the second Christchurch earthquake – the Big One – and I was working in Auckland for Newstalk ZB. Liv worked in Palmerston North at the time, but they flew her up to the Auckland newsroom to help with news gathering. We met that evening during a brief quiet period, and we hit it off right away. By mid-2012 she was living in Auckland, too, and we finally got together. We got engaged a year later and married in early 2014. By that time I’d had enough of journalism and started teaching, which I enjoy so much more.

These are some things that I love: Collecting and listening to records; watching the Blue Jays; making beer; taking photos; reading; jigsaw puzzles; running; building kitset furniture (really); watching telly; actually going to the cinema.